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Preventive Dentistry

Cleanings-We provide thorough removal of soft and hard deposits (calculus) from your teeth at periodic intervals determined by the individual needs of each patient.

If active gum (periodontal) disease is found, it will be treated by cleaning, scaling and root planing or referral to a periodontal specialist as determined by the severity of the condition found.

Complete Exams- We examine the teeth not only for cavities, fractures and excessive wear but also the supporting structures, gum tissue and other oral structures.  The intra-oral cavity is examined for signs of any other disease process that may be occurring.

 X-rays- We take sufficient x-ray films to make provide us with sufficient information to insure no dental disease is present in areas that cannot be visualized. Only necessary X-rays are ever taken and always with a protective lead apron in place. We now have a panoramic x-ray machine available that will give us a film showing all the teeth, jaw bone, and sinuses in one film.

Diagnoses- If a problem is detected there are often several possible treatments that may be employed to correct the problem.  We will provide you with these alternatives whenever they are available.




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