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Restorative Dentistry

White Fillings- We always use white, state-of-the-art esthetic fillings in restoring front teeth. In nearly all cases nowdays they are used for fillings of the back teeth as well.

Porcelain Crowns- If the tooth has large pieces missing, many large, old fillings, or is cracked, then a complete crown (sometimes called a cap) can be placed.  If esthetics is a concern, then porcelain can be used on the crowns to match your existing shade of teeth as closely as possible. After completing root canal therapy (endodontics) on back teeth, a crown may be indicated also.

Bridges are a series of crowns, usually three or more, made in one piece and cemented as one unit, but in some cases can be a single bonded tooth.

Veneers are made of a very thin porcelain that is then bonded to the front surface of the existing teeth. Very little of the original tooth structure is removed prior to bonding the veneers in place. Usually 6 to 8 veneers will be done at one time to ensure a good match of shape, size and color. In some cases where all the front teeth do not need restoring, veneers can also be made using a special white filling material to cover the front surface of the tooth.


CrownsPreOp.jpg (21265 bytes)

Pre-operative replacement of old crowns is needed

CrownsPostOp.jpg (94487 bytes)

Post-operative crowns have been replaced


PreopCrowns.jpg (5229 bytes)

Crowns needed on lower front teeth

PostopCrowns.jpg (5191 bytes)

Porcelain crowns placed


BondedBridgePreop.jpg (267089 bytes)

Bonded bridge placed replace missing tooth without grinding down the adjacent teeth

BondedBridgePostop.jpg (230075 bytes)


PreopBonding.jpg (4481 bytes)

Large white spot on front tooth


PostopBonding.jpg (4442 bytes)

Tooth with bonded filling placed over white spot



FillingPreOp.jpg (41866 bytes)

Pre-operative -  white filling deteriorated and needs replacement

FillingPostOp.jpg (69591 bytes)

Post-operative - white filling has been replaced


PreopVeneers.jpg (4962 bytes)

Pre-operative Photo of Veneer Case

PostopVeneers.jpg (4053 bytes)

Post-operative Photo after Porcelain Veneers Placed









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